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Google I/O Extended 2011

posted May 16, 2011, 12:37 AM by Sebastian Roming
After two days full of announcements, Google I/O in Moscone Center, San Francisco, has closed its doors.
Also our Google I/O Extended Event in Stuttgart (BIG thanks to shackspace e.V. for using their - not finished - location!) is over and it was great.

Together with Benny (@Elektrojunge) from Stuttgart GTUG we organized the two-day-event in Stuttgart. We had a lot of food, beer and especially a lot of fun.

Our No-show rate was like the other events: from 50 registered showed up ca. 30 on tuesday and ca. 20 on wednesday. But there were some interested members from shackspace who attended our event, so we can count ~75 attendees in total (both days). I think this is not as bad.

We hat a lot of awesome swag we raffled (we had feedback forms for the event - everyone who filled out the feedback form participated in the raffle), and (i guess) everyone got some swag.

At this point I want to send a big thanks to Google, especially to Anne from Google Hamburg, who made this possible. 

We put up some pictures. If you attended our Google I/O Extended Event and took some pictures: please send us.